CFA Program Curriculum eBook

Through a collaborative arrangement with VitalSourceā„¢, CFA Institute offers the CFA Program curriculum in a digital format.

CFA Program Curriculum eBook Features

  • Portable digital access: You can access the curriculum in digital format on up to 2 computers and 2 mobile devices at a time.
  • Electronic notes and highlighting: When you make notes, highlight sections, etc., these changes are stored on the VitalSource server so that they are available if you access the eBook from another device. Additionally, notes and highlights can be automatically synchronized between your web version of the curriculum and your downloaded version. (This requires that the device containing your downloaded file be connected to the internet.) You can also share your notes and highlighted content.
  • Ability to export notes: You can copy/paste curriculum text and export your notes to a text file.
  • Advanced search function: You can search either a single volume of the curriculum or the entire curriculum for your exam level.
  • Flexible print options: You can print as many as 150 pages (the length of the longest reading) of the curriculum at a time.

CFA Curriculum eBook on Any Device

Our eBook partner, VitalSource, has free apps available for download so you can access the CFA curriculum eBook from your preferred device. Find out how to download the app.

Technical Support

For immediate answers to common technical support issues, our eBook partner, VitalSource, has a searchable online support website. You can also view the minimum system requirements for your device.