Career Success: Navigating the New Work Environment

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Khalid Ghayur, CFA, FSIP Dwight D. Churchill, CFA



Career Success: Navigating the New Work Environment Second Edition examines the changing setting in which investment professionals find themselves managing their careers. The authors offer a model of intentional career management and career planning that emphasizes deep awareness of self and the professional environment. This book includes guided exercises and case studies for applying the principles learned as well as multimedia content and interviews with leading investment professionals. With all these practical tools, readers will be able to put the career management and career planning model to work in their own careers.

The Second Edition includes the following new features/content:
  • A companion website designed to offer readers a rich and interactive way to experience the content and engage in the activities
  • 3 new interviews with industry practitioners
  • Thematically organized additional resources for further exploration
  • Kindle format (in addition to ePub and PDF)
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