Equity Asset Valuation, Third Edition

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CFA Institute Investment Series
Source: Wiley
Jerald E. Pinto, CFA Elaine Henry, CFA Thomas R. Robinson, CFA John D. Stowe, CFA
624 pages



Equity Asset Valuation is a particularly cogent and important resource for anyone involved in estimating the value of securities and understanding security pricing. A well-informed professional knows that the common forms of equity valuation — dividend discount modeling, free cash flow modeling, price/earnings modeling, and residual income modeling — can all be reconciled with one another under certain assumptions. With a deep understanding of the underlying assumptions, the professional investor can better understand what other investors assume when calculating their valuation estimates. This text has a global orientation, including emerging markets.

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  • Equity Investments:
    • Equity Market Valuation and Return Analysis
    • ·
    • Equity Markets - Characteristics, Institutions, and Benchmarks
    • ·
    • Fundamental Analysis (Sector, Industry, Company) and the Valuation of Individual Equity Securities
    • ·
    • Types of Equity Securities and Their Characteristics
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