Exchange-Traded Funds: Investor Challenges and Opportunities

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CFA Institute Conference Proceedings Quarterly
September 2012 | Vol. 29 | No. 3 | 9 pages
Source: CFA Institute
Anthony Chan



Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are examined from three angles. First, Chinese A-share ETFs, relative to the behavior of Chinese A-shares and H-shares, can provide information about the Chinese markets. Second, ETFs can provide liquidity to fixed-income investors and make new investment strategies possible. Third, a combination of ETFs can capture the majority of a benchmark’s returns and can be used to outperform a benchmark through systematic bets.

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  • Alternative Investments:
    • Investment Companies
  • Equity Investments:
    • Equity Market Valuation and Return Analysis
    • ·
    • Equity Markets - Characteristics, Institutions, and Benchmarks
  • Fixed Income:
    • Fixed Income Markets - Characteristics, Institutions, and Benchmarks
  • Portfolio Management:
    • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investing and Faith-Based Finance
    • ·
    • Equity Portfolio Management Strategies
    • ·
    • Fixed-Income Portfolio Management Strategies
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