Public Awareness Toolkit

Share Your Knowledge From time to time, business news media request interviews and information that need the perspective of a CFA Institute member.

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Members frequently tell us that raising awareness of the CFA charter and the association should be an organizational priority. With this toolkit of resources, you can raise awareness of yourself as a CFA Institute member, CFA charterholder, or CFA candidate and demonstrate your commitment to the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

Use these resources as opportunities to promote the CFA designation and CFA Institute in meetings with your clients, supervisors, and peers. In today's environment of increased competition, it’s important that we all serve as advocates and spokespeople for CFA Institute and the CFA Program.

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Advocacy and Standards

CFA Institute Speaks Out
What role does CFA Institute play in the public debate on market reform, financial reporting quality, research objectivity, and ethics in the investment profession? Familiarize yourself with CFA Institute positions and public statements. Members who speak to the press will find this information helpful in keeping up on current issues that affect the global investment profession. We not only tell you what CFA Institute said but how it said it.

CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
The Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, which all members and candidates are obligated to follow, has been in place for more than 40 years. To encourage increased industry-wide adoption of the code and standards throughout the world, we have translated them into many languages. You can share the code by:

  • Using copies of the code and standards with associate and/or client material
  • Encouraging non-members to use the code and standards as guidelines throughout their involvement with the investment decision-making process
  • Emailing or printing copies of the code to show associates and clients your commitment to placing investors’ interests first
  • Displaying a framed copy of the code in your office
Media and Press

CFA Institute Press Releases
CFA Institute issues more than 35 news announcements each year. These releases are a good way for members and others to learn about breaking CFA Institute news, position statements, and reactions. The pressroom provides all archived press releases, news highlights, financial journalist tools, and CFA Institute facts and statistics. If you have media contacts, consider sending them a link to the pressroom or a specific press release.

For new charterholders: Issue your own press release announcing your charter.

News Highlights and Reprints

Through the pressroom, members and others can access a directory of various news articles, excerpts, and editorials that prominently discuss CFA Institute, the CFA Program, and/or our other brands. Many of these excerpts link back to the full article, or, in some cases, CFA Institute has purchased the rights to reprint an article.

As with press releases, the highlights and reprints provide all audiences with an opportunity to see how CFA Institute and the CFA Program are reflected in the news. Members and candidates can send this information to associates and clients who may not be familiar with the organization’s work or the rigor of the CFA Program. In many cases, these articles can also be used to represent your commitment to professional standards as a CFA Institute member or CFA candidate.

CFA Institute Advertisements
Through advertising, we promote the CFA Program, charterholders, and the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct to investors worldwide. While CFA Institute ads cannot be modified, you can link your firm's website to our pressroom and request read-only files of the ads to post online. These ads can help demonstrate your commitment to professional excellence.