Publicize Your CFA Designation

If you manage private client wealth, you know that you have to compete with many other professionals for their attention. As a CFA charterholder, your knowledge, integrity, and years of experience are valuable assets that set you apart.

We strongly encourage you to tell your clients and others about your CFA designation. Here are some suggestions:

Advertise in publications read by private clients, such as Nuovo, Conde Nast, and the New Yorker.

Make a presentation to “gatekeepers” on a topic of interest to private clients and include information about the CFA charter. Gatekeepers can be either potential clients or professionals in a position to make recommendations. They include real estate agents, lawyers, private bankers, accountants, and estate planners. Many of them belong to the local chapter of a national professional association.

Make a presentation on small-business firm management and/or wealth management to organizations whose members are among the wealthiest professions (e.g., doctors, lawyers, and business owners) or whose members are gatekeepers.

Distribute CFA Institute fact sheets, investor education materials, and press releases on the CFA Program to current and potential clients. Your clients may not be fully aware of what it takes to become a CFA charterholder. In addition, CFA Institute investor education materials, which come in text, video, and podcast formats, underscore the importance and challenge of successful investment planning.

Distribute CFA Magazine articles to current and potential clients.

Give back to the community by helping future private client investors.

  • Participate in a career day at a local high school or college
  • Donate copies of financial publications to local schools, such as the Globe and Mail, South China Morning Post, Financial Times, or the Wall Street Journal 
  • Make a presentation on the importance of saving and budgeting

Decorate your office with:

Questions? Email the CFA Institute public relations team.