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What Is the CFA Charter?

The CFA charter sets the professional standard as the most highly respected designation for the investment management profession. Earning the CFA charter demonstrates you have the knowledge, skills, and experience needed for investment analysis and management in today’s dynamic global markets.

Enrolling in the CFA Program is your first step toward earning this qualification and increasing your career opportunities. In fact, 37% of CFA Program candidates identified career advancement as their primary motivation for registering for the exam. (Review the results of the 2015 candidate survey.)

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Steps To Becoming a Charterholder

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Related FAQs

Which test center should candidates in India select?

Candidates may select a test center in India or in any available location worldwide, including many in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions.

Has the lawsuit between CFA Institute and Icfai ended?

CFA Institute has reached an agreement with the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (Icfai) that resolves trademark litigation between the organizations.

CFA Institute believes this is an appropriate settlement to the long-standing dispute, and the resolution will allow CFA Institute to focus on supporting its members and candidates in India and contribute to the advancement of the Indian investment profession.

How can I learn more about this settlement?

While the terms of the agreement are confidential, CFA Institute and Icfai have provided limited details to their local members via a website announcement. View the announcement on the CFA Institute website.

For more information on the CFA Program and efforts by CFA Institute to restore trust in the global investment profession, visit

Can I use my CFA designation in India?

Yes, CFA charterholders from CFA Institute have always been, and continue to be, free to use the "CFA" and "Chartered Financial Analyst" marks throughout India.

Will the Indian Association of Investment Professionals change its name?

We are not aware of any plans of the IAIP to change its name at this time.

Is the AICTE proceeding ongoing?

No. At a hearing in April 2012, the AICTE declared that its executive committee concluded that the existing AICTE regulations do not apply to the CFA Program. With the dispute resolved, the Court closed the case.

What does the latest resolution mean to CFA Institute?

CFA Institute now can offer Indian test centers on the same advanced schedule, and with the same certainty, as its other test centers worldwide.

What does the latest resolution mean to CFA candidates in India?

Indian candidates no longer have to travel outside of India to take the exams, or make alternative arrangements in the event of last minute changes. Instead, they can register to take the exam in India as soon as the registration period opens, and can be confident that there will be no venue changes, allowing them to focus on exam preparation rather than logistics.

Does it mean that all candidates in India can now register for and take the CFA exam in India?

Yes, Indian candidates can register to take the exam in India as soon as the registration period opens.  Upon completion of all requirements, including passing the CFA exams, investment professionals become charterholder members of CFA Institute and earn the right to use the CFA designation. CFA exams are held in more than 185 test centers worldwide, including many in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions.

Can I obtain a waiver into the CFA Program or CFA Institute membership?

No. CFA Institute does not grant any waivers into the CFA Program for graduates of third party programs.

What should I do if I see misuse of the CFA Institute/CFA Program name?

If you have any concerns about possible trademark misuse, please contact the Legal Services Group at: We ask that you do not attempt to raise these issues directly with the individual in question.

What is the future of CFA Institute in India?

CFA Institute now has six CFA test centers in India (Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Pune). We will continue to work with the Securities and Exchange Board of India and the National Institute of Securities Markets and plan to strengthen resources to universities and faculty in India. Please continue to watch for updates about our activities in India.