Talented Women and Men Around the World Seek the CFA Charter to Focus and Advance Their CareersLearn more about the characteristics of CFA candidates

Nalin Moniz, CFA

Career Minded

CFA candidates are ambitious, pursuing rich careers in investment analysis and portfolio management.

"The CFA charter has been a tremendous asset in my career. The CFA Program helped me bridge the gap between academic and real world finance and helped hone my analytical abilities. The CFA designation is the gold standard for portfolio managers and has helped me win the trust of our clients."

Nalin Moniz, CFA
Founding Principal, Forefront Capital

Jasmine Kang, CFA


CFA candidates learn to embrace ethics grounded in putting investors first.

"I remember when I took the CFA exams, there was a lot of emphasis on ethics. I actually found that part boring," she recalls. "But after more than 10 years in the asset management industry, I realize I have always emphasized fiduciary duty in my work. Putting investors' interests first is most important above anything else. If you have that attitude the investment technique becomes easy. You make sure you safeguard your clients' assets first, and then you find ways to grow those assets within certain risk limits."

Jasmine Kang, CFA
Fund Manager, Comgest
Hong Kong

Ndabe Mkhize, CFA

Cultivating Diversity

More men and women than ever before are seeking the CFA charter around the world.

"Black investment professionals in South Africa still need an international 'stamp of approval' if they hope to earn the respect of their asset management peers or the trust of the investor community. For me, the CFA designation is a source of true empowerment which can never be taken away."

Ndabazinhie "Ndabe" Mkhize, CFA
Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Eskom Pension and Provident Fund
South Africa

Monica Gordillo San Juan, CFA

Connected Communicators

CFA candidates seek access to an unmatched network and learn the language of investment management to work with clients and colleagues.

"What I like most about my current role is that although it is a technical job, it also requires fostering trusting relationships and practicing good communication skills when interacting with clients and colleagues."

Monica Gordillo San Juan, CFA, CIPM
Head of Global Performance, BBVA AM

Clifford Mpare, CFA

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