CFA® Program Curriculum OverviewInformed by dynamic practice analysis, our rigorous curriculum prepares you to be an effective and ethical investment management professional in the industry

Ashley Khoo, CFA

10 Topics, One Body of Knowledge

Our CFA Institute Body of Knowledge takes you deep into investment management by cutting across these 10 key areas.

Ethical and Professional Standards

Learn about putting investors first in critical and everyday practice.


Delve into supply and demand, the monetary system, inflation, effects of government regulation, and much more.

Corporate Finance

From corporate governance to capital structure decisions, we cover complex issues in corporate finance.

Fixed Income

Study fixed income security types, portfolio benchmarks, and other complex topics.

Alternative Investments

Examine real estate, private equity, commodities, and more.

Quantitative Methods

From time value of money analysis to correlation analysis and regression, learn robust quantitative methods.

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Learn the details of the financial reporting system (emphasis on international standards, IFRS) and analysis of taxes, debt, global operations, and more.

Equity Investments

Study the types of equity securities, equity portfolio measurements, and much more.


Learn about forward markets, future markets, option markets, and more.

Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning

Examine the essentials of managing different types of portfolios successfully.

Rigor Grounded in Practitioner Input

We're constantly evaluating the curriculum with a technique we call practice analysis. Practice analysis ensures study areas are both comprehensive and practice. Learn more about how we analyze the practice of investment management to keep the CFA Program relevant and rigorous.

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