Why the CFA® Program?Achieve the highest distinction in the investment management profession — the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) designation

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CFA Program Benefits

Invest in your career now to gain benefits for a lifetime.

Gold Standard

The CFA charter equips you not only to enter the profession, but also to excel.

Global Passport

Earn waivers from regulatory agencies, graduate programs, and more.

Prestigious Network

Connect with an exclusive group of outstanding investment professionals.

Strong Ethical Foundations

Gain confidence and clarity in navigating ethical issues.

Unmatched Expertise

Our rigorous curriculum will equip you for complex investment decisions.

Career Resources

Gain access to career guides, thought leadership, and continuing education.

The CFA Program fact card (PDF) provides a one-page, printable summary of the program, including what jobs it prepares you for.

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How Does the CFA Charter Compare to the MBA?

Consider your career goals as you review how these programs differ.

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Compare Our Programs

Compare the three CFA Institute programs.

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CFA Program Curriculum Overview

Find out which topics are covered in the CFA Program.

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Characteristics of a CFA Candidate

Find out what four qualities CFA candidates share.

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