CFA Program Study Planner

When you register for an exam, you will gain access to the study planner, an interactive tool that can help you schedule the time you have available to prepare for the exam.

When you first register for the exam, the "Remaining Study Time" displayed for each topic will be the longest amount of time possible. The estimated amount of remaining study time is based on:
  • The number of pages in the readings for that topic
  • The exam weight of the topic (See exam topic weights.)
  • The number of days remaining until the exam date
Once you check the box to show you have completed a topic area:
  • The study planner will automatically adjust the remaining estimated study times, reallocating more or less time to the remaining topics.
  • A "Test your knowledge" link to the related topic tests will be displayed.

Sample CFA Program Study Planner

Below are the estimated study time suggestions for each Level I topic, based on the amount of time currently available for each exam.

You plan to register for the:

TopicRemaining Study Time
  • Ethical and Professional Standards

    16 Days
  • Quantitative Methods

    22 Days
  • Economics

    25 Days
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis

    36 Days
  • Corporate Finance

    13 Days
  • Equity Investments

    16 Days
  • Fixed Income

    18 Days
  • Derivatives

    7 Days
  • Alternative Investments

    4 Days
  • Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning

    13 Days
  • Time for Review

    11 Days