Completing Your Answer Sheet and Essay Book

Completing your Answer Sheet

Answer sheet instructions image

Completing Your Essay Book

Essay Answers for Level III AM Session
It is your responsibility to complete the essay book correctly to ensure all information is accurately recorded during grading and your results are correctly reported back to you. When completing your essay book:

  • Use a No. 2 or HB pencil or a blue or black ink pen. You must bring your own pencil or pen on exam day. Testing personnel do not provide writing instruments to candidates.
  • Write your CFA Institute ID and seat number on the front cover of your exam book.
  • Sign the candidate pledge inside the front cover.
  • Essay answers must be written in English.
  • Each essay question consists of two or more parts (A, B, etc.). Instructions in bold print immediately following the question direct you to the answer page for each question part. Each question part must be answered on the designated page.
  • Answers on answer pages designated for other question parts, question pages, or pages marked “This Page Intentionally Left Blank” are not graded. You may make marks and notes on the question pages and pages marked “This Page Intentionally Left Blank.”