CFA Exam Admission Tickets

Ticket Availability

June 2018 exam: Exam admission tickets will be available in mid-May.

To be admitted to the exam you must have a valid, unexpired, international travel passport (review the Identification Policy) and a valid exam admission ticket.

  1. Access your Ticket
    You will be notified when admission tickets are available. Before viewing your ticket, you will be prompted to read and agree to the conditions, requirements, policies, and procedures for the CFA exam. We strongly encourage you to carefully read and understand all the testing policies.
  2. Print Your Ticket
    Print your ticket on clean, unused paper. Note: You must not write on the front or back of your exam admission ticket at any time.
  3. Review Your Ticket
    Different browser settings can cause some ticket information to be missing on your printed version. Make sure your printed ticket displays the following information correctly:
    • Your CFA Institute ID number
    • The last four characters of your passport number
    • Your name as it appears in your CFA Institute account
    • Your passport expiration date
    • The name, date, and location of the test center where you are assigned to take the exam
  4. Confirm or Update Your Name or Passport Information
    The information on your ticket reflects what is in our records. If this information does not exactly match what appears on your valid, unexpired, international travel passport, you will not be permitted to sit for the exam and you will forfeit your registration fee.
  5. Check Your Test Center Address Testing facilities may change from year to year; visit your test center before exam day to get familiar with the location. Candidates arriving more than 30 minutes past the exam start time will not be admitted. No one is permitted to leave the session early.