Religious Alternate Date Testing Accommodations

Submit Your Request

Submission deadlines
  • June 2018 exam: 19 March
  • December 2018 exam: 17 September

If you have a religious obligation or belief that prevents you from taking the exam on Saturday, we will try to arrange for you to sit for the exam on the Sunday following the regular exam date. 

First time requesting religious alternate date?

Your completed form and supporting documentation must be received by CFA Institute by the deadline. Once received, we will confirm receipt via email.

Please allow four to six weeks for processing. We will follow up with you regarding the status of your request once it has been evaluated.

Received a religious alternate date accommodation in the past?

If you received an alternate exam date accommodation based on religious beliefs in the past, you don't need to fill out the form again; however, you must follow the steps below to let us know you intend to sit for the exam on the alternate date:

  1. Open a service request (login required).
  2. Select "CFA Program" from the drop-down menu in the "I have an inquiry about" field.
  3. Select "Religious Alternate Date" from the drop-down menu in the "Specifically" field.
  4. Add a comment telling us you have submitted the Religious Alternate Date Form in the past.
  5. "Submit” the request.

Once your request has been evaluated, we will contact you regarding the status.