CIPM Membership

Improvements to CIPM Membership

Read our FAQ (PDF) to learn about improvements to the CIPM Program, including membership requirements.

After 1 October 2019, CIPM designation holders will be need to be active members of CFA Institute to maintain the CIPM designation. Until then, there are different membership requirements depending on when you registered for the CIPM Program. Details below.

Membership Requirements

If you registered for the CIPM Program after 1 October 2017, you must pass the CIPM Level II exam and become a regular member of CFA Institute to be awarded the CIPM certificate. If you already have 48 months of qualifying work experience, you can apply for membership now. Otherwise, we will evaluate your work experience after you pass the CIPM Level II exam and, if it qualifies, email you with instructions to become a regular member of CFA Institute.

If you registered for the CIPM Program before 30 September 2017, you will qualify for the CIPM certificate by becoming a regular member of CIPM Association.* Upon passing the Level II exam, the details in your work experience profile will be evaluated to determine your eligibility for CIPM Association membership. Update your work experience profile now to make sure we have all your details.

Those who qualify for membership will receive an e-mail with instructions to join.** When you join, you will pay dues and submit a Professional Conduct Statement. Once you are an active member, the certificate will be awarded and you may begin using the CIPM designation. Remember to follow the correct legal usage.

If you receive notification that you were not approved, update your work experience profile and contact us. In the work experience profile, be sure to provide details about your day to day duties and responsibilities so we can determine if you qualify for membership. Remember to let us know when you have updated your profile so that we can reevaluate your experience and help you through the membership process.

An ongoing requirement for using the CIPM designation is the Mandatory Continuing Education program.

Annual Dues

CFA Institute membership: USD 275

CIPM Association membership: USD 275

Are you a CIPM certificate holder who is already a regular member of CFA Institute? CIPM Association membership is no longer required for you. Be sure to report your mandatory continuing education when you renew your CFA Institute membership to continue to use the CIPM designation.

*All members of CIPM Association must qualify for and transition to active regular CFA Institute membership by 1 October 2019. CIPM Association will be disbanded at that time.

**If you have 48 months of qualifying experience when you pass Level II (formerly Expert Exam), your CIPM Association membership will automatically transition to CFA Institute regular membership after you join. If you do not have 48 months when you pass Level II, you can join CIPM Association if you have 24 months of qualifying experience. You will have until 1 October 2019 to meet the 48-month requirement for regular CFA Institute membership. Contact us when you have completed 48 months of work so we can transition your membership.

Ethical Standards

Members and candidates in the CIPM Association are Covered Persons required to comply with the CFA Institute Bylaws and Rules of Procedure.

Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct (PDF)
Guidance for Section VII (Responsibilities as a CIPM Association Member or CIPM Candidate) (PDF)

For more information on how to join, contact us.

Benefits of CIPM Association Membership

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Make Connections

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Get Involved

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