CIPM Program Governance

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The CIPM Association is a membership association that oversees certification and membership policies, the CIPM Professional Conduct program, and the Mandatory Continuing Education program.

We enforce the rules and regulations of the CIPM Association and investigate alleged violations. Learn more about how we investigate alleged violations.

The Articles of Association of the CIPM Association provide for the establishment of an advisory committee to advise the staff of CFA Institute and the CFA Institute Board of Governors on issues and matters related to the CIPM Association

CIPM Association Articles of Association (PDF)
CIPM Advisory Committee Terms of Reference (PDF)

Members of the CIPM Advisory Committee

  • Chair: Michael Brown, CIPM (Toronto, Canada) Vice President, Canada Consultant Relations, State Street Global Advisors Ltd.
  • Vice-Chair: Clemens Schweiggl, CFA, CIPM (Munich, Germany) Head of Risk, Allianz Asset Management AG
  • Laurie Hesketh, CIPM (West Chester, PA) Director, Meradia Group
  • Richard Mitchell, CFA, CIPM (Toronto, Canada) Senior Investment Consultant, Aon Hewitt
  • Jin QiZhe, CFA, CIPM (Shanghai, China) Head of Investment, Allianz China General Insurance Company
  • Ioannis Segounis, CFA, CIPM (Montreal, Canada) Managing Director, Phocion Investment Services Inc.
  • Rachael Smith, CIPM (London, United Kingdom) VP, Senior Marketing Strategist, Northern Trust
  • C. Edward Van Deman, CIPM (Mountain View, CA) CEO, Financial Navigator, Inc.

CIPM Association Conflict of Interest Policies

The CIPM Association Standards of Professional Conduct state that members and candidates must not engage in any conduct that compromises the reputation or integrity of CFA Institute, the CIPM Association, or the CIPM designation or the integrity, validity, or security of the CIPM examinations.

The CIPM Association relies upon existing and prospective volunteers and consultants to disclose in writing any personal or professional relationships which might give rise to real or apparent conflicts of interest.

Some situations, such as competing engagements or close relationships with CFA or CIPM Program candidates, will not necessarily prevent an individual from serving as a volunteer or consultant as long as the relationship is disclosed. However, participating or having a financial interest in CFA or CIPM review courses is incompatible with serving the CIPM Association in any capacity. In all cases, care must be taken to minimize the appearance of conflicts of interest.