CIPM Program Policies

As a registered candidate in the CIPM Program, you must comply with all exam rules and regulations, including the CIPM Program and testing policies below, the CIPM Candidate Agreement, and instructions provided at the testing center. Failure to comply may result in voiding of your exam results and suspension or termination of your candidacy in the CIPM Program.

Testing Policies

CIPM Admission Policy

CIPM Admission Policy

You agree that if you arrive late for your appointment you may be refused admission. If you are refused admission, your exam fees are non-refundable, and non-transferable. CFA Institute recommends that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

CIPM Calculator Policy

CIPM Calculator Policy

Only two calculator models are authorized for use during CIPM Program exams:

  • Texas Instruments BA II Plus (including BA II Plus Professional)
  • Hewlett Packard 12C (including the HP 12C Platinum, 12C Platinum 25th anniversary edition, 12C 30th anniversary edition, and HP 12C Prestige)

Bring the approved calculator with you on exam day; calculators will not be available at the test center.

Find a Texas Instruments calculator distributor or purchase online.

Find a Hewlett Packard calculator distributor or purchase online.

CFA Institute does not profit from the sales of these calculators and does not endorse, warrant, or guarantee the calculators or any other products or services provided by these distributors.

Your calculator will be inspected prior to the start of the exam. Your calculator must remain on your desk in full view during your exam. Failure by the proctors to detect an unauthorized calculator prior to the start of the exam, or your possession and/or use of an unauthorized calculator at any time during the exam, does not imply that you are in compliance with the calculator policy.

Calculator covers, keystroke cards, and loose batteries are permitted in the testing room; instruction manuals are not. You may keep a small screwdriver with you if necessary to replace batteries in the BA II Plus.

CIPM Exam Record Policy

CIPM Exam Record Policy

Detailed exam scores and responses to exam questions are measurement information and are part of a candidate's exam record. This information is owned by CFA Institute. This information is not the property of the candidate and will not be provided to candidates for any reason.
CIPM Identification Policy

CIPM Program Identification Policy

A valid international travel passport is the only form of identification accepted for the CIPM Program. This policy establishes one global standard we use to confirm the identity of our candidates.

A valid international travel passport

  • Is issued by a national government which certifies, for the purpose of international travel, your identity and nationality (learn more about unacceptable forms of ID);
  • Is an original document (photocopies are not allowed) and is current (not expired);
  • Contains your name* exactly as it is in your CFA Institute account
    • If your name does not exactly match, you will not be permitted to take the exam and you will forfeit your registration fee. Failure by proctors to detect an invalid ID does not imply the ID is valid or that you will receive an exam result.
    • To change your name you must submit an Name/Identification Change Form (PDF). Processing time is 3–5 business days upon receipt, with the exception of peak exam periods.
  • Is machine readable** (handwritten passports will not be accepted); and
  • Includes a recognizable photograph on the passport data page.

*Acceptable Name Variations

Name on Passport
Name on Pearson VUE Roster
Doe Maria Jane Maria Jane Doe
Maria Jane Doe Jane Maria Doe
Maria Jane Doe
Maria Jane Doé
Maria Jane Doe

**The United Nations agency ICAO has determined that all non machine-readable passports are considered expired as of 24 November 2015. Therefore, international travel passports that are not machine-readable (including handwritten passports) will be considered invalid for entry into the CIPM exam. Please note: A machine readable passport has two lines of text as letters, numbers and chevrons (<<<<<) at the bottom of the data page (the page containing your photo and personal information) of your passport.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our identification policy.

CIPM Personal Belongings Policy

CIPM Personal Belongings Policy

You are strongly encouraged to leave your personal belongings at home or in your car. As a courtesy, your test center will have an area away from the testing room designated for personal belongings. If testing personnel find items that are not permitted, you will be required to place them in the personal belongings area. You will not have access to these items during the exam.

Please note that it is not the responsibility of the testing personnel to ensure the safety of the materials in the personal belongings area. CFA Institute, testing personnel, the test center, and vendors are not responsible or liable for stolen, lost, misplaced or damaged personal property in the personal belongings area or at the test centers. Additionally, some items may require inspection as part of the check-in process.

The following items are permitted in the testing room but must be kept in full view on your desk when not in use:

  • Approved calculator
  • Calculator cases and keystroke cards
  • Eyeglasses

No other items are permitted, including:

  • Food or drinks
  • Wallet (money purse)
  • Baggage of any kind, including transparent bags, backpacks, handbags, tote bags, briefcases, luggage, carrying cases, passport covers, or eyeglass cases
  • Study materials, including notes, papers, textbooks, or study guides
  • Writing utensils, scratch paper, or calculator manuals
  • Mobile phones, cameras, headsets, computers, tablets, wearable technology (such as fitbit® or other fitness tracking devices), smart watches, or any Bluetooth®-enabled or any remote communication or photographic devices
  • Any type of desk clock or timer, including wristwatches

You will be provided with a whiteboard/erasable writing tablet for use during the exam.

Exam Registration / Appointment Policies

CIPM Exam Appointment Policy

CIPM Exam Appointment Policy

You are responsible for scheduling your exam appointment with Pearson VUE at least 7 days before your exam window closes. Effective 1 January 2018, if you cancel and/or reschedule your appointment within 7 days of your original appointment, you will be charged a non-refundable US$25 fee and any applicable taxes. Any appointment cancellation and/or reschedule must be made at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you fail to schedule your appointment or fail to sit for the exam within your exam window, your exam fees are non-refundable, non-deferrable, and non-transferable. 

CIPM Refund Policy

CIPM Refund Policy

Full refunds are available within two business days of payment if you change your mind. Due to fluctuating exchange rates outside our control, we cannot guarantee that the exact amount paid to CFA Institute will be the same amount (in other currency) returned. Registration refunds are also considered on a case-by-case basis for life-threatening or very serious illnesses (candidate or immediate family), natural disasters, and mandatory military service. This does not guarantee a refund to any candidate for any condition but instead provides CFA Institute with the discretion to determine which requests it approves and denies. Candidates awarded a refund are responsible for all applicable new curriculum charges. Refund requests must be received by CFA Institute prior to the scheduled exam or within 10 U.S. business days after the exam date. All refunds will be issued using the same payment method used to register.

Misconduct and Rules Violations

If you engage in any misconduct during the exam, you may be dismissed from the test center and subject to other penalties, including voiding of exam results and suspension or termination of your candidacy in the CIPM Program.

No Cheating
You agree that you will not cheat and that all work submitted by you in completing the CIPM exam, including exam answers and information provided during the registration process, is entirely your own. You will not give or receive assistance on the exam, attempt to communicate with fellow candidates or other persons during the exam, or use unauthorized materials during the exam.

No Disclosure
You understand and agree that the CIPM exam is confidential and proprietary information of CFA Institute. You agree to maintain the confidentiality of the CIPM exam and not disclose, whether verbally or in writing, the content of the exam or any part of the exam. You further agree not to request any other individual to disclose the exam or any part of the exam to you.
No Misconduct
You agree that you will not: (i) create a disturbance during the exam; (ii) remove exam information or notes from the testing room; (iii) falsify your identity or impersonate another individual to gain access to the exam; (iv) cheat; (v) use unauthorized materials during the exam (this includes but is not limited to using scratch paper, headsets,  listening devices, paging devices (beepers), mobile phones, recording or photographic devices and study materials); (vi) use unauthorized distributions of exam questions, with or without answers, in preparation for the exam; (vii) copy, resell, distribute or misuse any CIPM exam offer code(s) or any other CIPM exam discount; (viii) violate any term of this agreement; (ix) violate the Pearson VUE exam agreement in any way; or (x) engage in any other misconduct that could be considered by CFA Institute, in its sole discretion, as compromising the integrity, security or confidentiality of the CIPM Program.
No Misuse
You agree that you will not copy, publish, disclose, transmit, sell, offer to sell, post, distribute, or otherwise transfer, modify, make derivative works of, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or translate the exam or exam content, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, verbal or written, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose.

Policy Changes

CFA Institute may change its conditions, requirements, policies, and procedures governing the CIPM Program and CFA Institute membership from time to time. Candidates and members are required to adhere to the revised conditions, requirements, policies, and procedures, which will be published in various CFA Institute publications, including the CFA Institute Bylaws, and on this website.

Notify Us

If you have witnessed or know of a violation of the CIPM Program exam policies by a candidate, we encourage you to report violations here.