Learning Ecosystem An online, adaptive study tool to help you prepare for the Investment Foundations exam

The learning ecosystem is accessible on your desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

What Is the Learning Ecosystem?

The Learning Ecosystem is a customized online learning program that makes studying for the CFA Institute Investment Foundations™ Program engaging, efficient, and effective. The Learning Ecosystem adapts to your needs, strengths, and weaknesses, serving you the right material at the right time and focusing on areas you need to work on most. Stay focused, engaged, and on track while you study.


Accelerated and Personalized Learning

The course of study is broken down into lessons that are easy to understand. A progress tracker and study planner let you monitor your performance, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and prepare for the exam. As you study, you will receive recommendations and suggested activities based on how you’re doing.


A More Engaging Experience

Practice questions, mock exams, and learning games help you stay motivated, and a handy flashcard tool lets you review key concepts.


Improved Knowledge Retention

You’ll remember more information for a longer period of time. Our tailored learning tool is designed to enhance knowledge retention up to and beyond your exam.


Convenient Access

No wasting time looking for extra study materials and tools; content is available on demand, on any device, all in one place.

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