Investment Foundations Course of Study

All exam questions are based on the material in the eBook. The Investment Foundations certificate program provides a fundamental understanding of the investment industry through seven topic areas.

  1. Industry Overview
  2. Ethics and Regulation
  3. Inputs and Tools
  4. Investment Instruments
  5. Industry Structure
  6. Serving Client Needs
  7. Industry Controls

Download a general overview of the course of study (PDF) or download specific chapters from the course of study (login required).

Preparing for the Exam

After your exam registration payment has been processed, you'll gain access to a variety of study materials and tools to help you succeed.

  • Plan to spend approximately 100 hours preparing for the exam, depending on your prior education and experience.
  • Schedule your exam for any day and time it's offered, at a test center convenient for you, as long as you take the exam within 6 months of registration.

Study the eBook

The eBook contains:
  • 20 chapters grouped into 7 modules (log in to download chapters for free)
  • Learning Outcome Statements (LOS) that indicate what you should know after studying each chapter
  • Chapter review questions
  • A glossary of industry terms

The two-volume print version of the eBook is available for purchase on Amazon’s CreateSpace site:
If you registered on or after 1 February 2017: Volume 1 | Volume 2
If you registered before 1 February 2017: Volume 1 | Volume 2

Other Study Tools

  • A personalized, interactive study planner suggests how much time you should plan to spend studying each chapter, depending on your exam date. See a sample study planner.
  • Chapter review questions, module practice tests, and a mock exam offer opportunities to test your exam readiness.
  • Your eBook, study planner, practice tests, and mock exam are also available through the Investment Foundations mobile study app.