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Future of Work in Investment Management: 2021 Report

Exploring the future of work and what it means for investment careers going forward

The investment industry has been extremely resilient through unprecedented challenges, and it has set the stage for new ways of working.

Future of Work in Investment Management cover art CFA Institute
Future of Work in Investment Management

In the Future of Work in Investment Management series, we explore the changes investment organizations and professionals are likely to make as they reassess the context of careers, the content of work, and the culture of organizations.

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Special thanks to Professor Renee B. Adams (University of Oxford) and Professor Almudena Sevilla (University College London) for their collaboration on this project.

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This report is the first in a series on the Future of Work in Investment Management. Throughout 2021, we’ll drill down deeper to answer some of the industry’s most pressing questions about the future of the investment industry:

  • How can you navigate your career path in a hybrid work environment?
  • How will professional networks change, and who is most at risk of being left out of the new working model?
  • With fewer in-person connections, what new trust models are needed to navigate relationships with clients and colleagues? 
  • What are the operational and compliance risks associated with hybrid work?
  • What new insights have emerged about the core elements of effective organizational cultures in the investment industry?

Get these answers and more as we explore the future of work.

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