Contacting Customer Service

This customer service link allows you to contact us by submitting a form called a “service request.”

Contacting us through a service request:

  • Ensures your query goes to the correct staff
  • Allows you to check the status of your request

How to Contact Customer Service: Step by Step

  1. Log In
    We require that you log in so that you can track your request and so that we can respond to you with speed and accuracy. Get login and password help now.
  2. Make a Selection
    To contact us with a new inquiry or request, click “Submit a Service Request.”
  3. Complete the Request
    After completing the required information fields, click “Submit.”  
  4. Receive Confirmation
    You will receive an e-mail confirming that we have received your inquiry/update.
  5. View Status/Update
    To check on the status or to update a previously submitted request, click “Check Status of a Service Request.”  
  6. Receive Response
    We will respond to you by e-mail, usually within one business day. 

Once you have logged in, you can view more information about service requests, including detailed explanations of attachments, error messages, and an FAQ section.