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Ways to Earn Credits for Professional Learning

Continue your commitment to lifelong development by participating in activities that earn you Professional Learning (PL) credit. Use the information below to determine which activities qualify for credit.

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Activities That Qualify for PL Credit

Customize your Professional Learning by choosing activities that are relevant to the challenges you face in the industry and customizable to your role.

Start by browsing our resources to find learning opportunities relevant to your professional interests and specialties.

When you renew your membership, attest to your participation in the Professional Learning program.

Activity Type Credit Earned
Live events (e.g., conferences, seminars, forums, lectures) Duration of program minus breaks (networking breaks, lunch, etc.)
Internet-based courses, webinars, and podcasts Actual educational time dedicated to the activity
Level I, II, or III of the CFA® Program exams 40 PL credits, including 2 SER credits, for each exam level passed
CIPM® Level I or Level II exam 20 PL credits for each exam passed
Certificate in ESG Investing 20 PL credits, including 2 SER credits, for earning the certificate
Climate Risk, Valuation and Investing Certificate 20PL credits for earning the certificate
Data Science for Investment Professionals Certificate 20PL credits for earning the certificate
Readings (e.g., journal articles, textbooks) Use the recommended reading calculations below (CFA Institute publications include recommended credit hours)

How to Calculate Your Credit

Calculate the PL credits you've earned using one of the following methods:

  • Clock time: Allocate actual time spent engaged in the educational activity.
  • Generalist readings: Allocate 2 minutes per page.
  • Specialized/highly technical readings: Allocate 4 minutes per page.
  • Use the one-click button on eligible content on our website.

Topics Related to SER Content

Content that helps you stay current in the areas of ethics, professional conduct, standards, laws, and regulations relevant to an investment professional may be eligible for Standards, Ethics, and Regulations (SER) credit.

All relevant CFA Institute content that is eligible for SER credit will be clearly marked and can be claimed with the one-click functionality on our website and in our app.

Please see the table below for examples of qualifying topics and activities.

Title Description
Applicable Laws and Regulations Governmental institutions, rules, and regulations
US SEC and equivalent bodies around the world
Rules and procedures regarding corporate transactions and insider trading
Regulation of exchanges
Establishment of company financial reporting standards
Fiduciary standards
Best practices and regulatory issues
Professional Standards of Practice CFA Institute Code of Ethics
CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct
Disciplinary sanctions for violations
Best practices and regulatory issues
Ethical Practices and Guidelines Investment management
Investment analysis
Investment trustees
Capital markets and regulations
Corporate governance
Soft dollar standards
Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®)
Fiduciary duty
Insider trading
Personal investing
Research objectivity standards
Trade management guidelines
Analyst/corporate relations guidelines
Best practices and regulatory issues

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Explore our collection of educational resources designed to help you stay competitive in the investment management industry. Filter by topic, format, or product series to find your next PL activity.

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