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Refresher Readings

Members can stay current on what's important in the constantly evolving investment industry with readings taken directly from the CFA® Program curriculum.

New for 2024
Access the Refresher Readings and members' guide in the Learning Ecosystem, the educational platform candidates have been using since 2019.

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Practical Skills Modules - Access Through the Learning Hub

Members have access to the Practical Skills Modules (PSM) required in the CFA® Program.

A Practical Skills Module (PSM) uses a combination of videos, multiple-choice questions, guided practice, and case studies to develop your practical skills. Each PSM takes 10-15 hours to complete.

  1. Level i

    Financial Modeling

    Build a three-statement financial model showcasing an understanding of business issues, design best practices, and technical skills.

  2. level ii

    Analyst Skills

    Analyze best-in-class practices of successful equity research analysts and apply them to your own practice.

  1. level i

    Python Programming Fundamentals

    Develop fluency in writing Python code for finance-based data science projects using Jupyter Notebooks.

  2. Level ii

    Python, Data Science & AI

    Develop the skills to execute financial data science workflows using Python by applying advanced machine learning techniques from forecasting EPS changes to sentiment analysis.

Featured Readings

We've selected these Refresher Readings for you to highlight the latest trends in the investment industry.
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Private Company Valuation

This new reading contrasts public and private company features for valuation and describes how and why they differ. It highlights key factors relevant to the selection of each valuation approach.

Abstract art of stock rising and falling

Credit Risk

Newly revised for 2024, the module describes the use of credit ratings and credit migration, as well as the pitfalls of sole reliance on ratings based upon the case Wirecard AG's insolvency.

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Introduction to Digital Assets

Learn about the investment features of digital assets, the investment forms and vehicles used in digital asset investments.

Browse All Refresher Readings

Explore the complete collection of Refresher Readings, taken directly from the CFA Program curriculum. Filter the list by program level and topic to locate the most relevant materials for your Professional Learning, and look for more readings to be added in the coming months.

Although ethics readings are included, members are encouraged to use the Standards of Practice Handbook and related resources to help navigate the ethical dilemmas they face in their professional lives.

The entire current CFA Program curriculum is also available for purchase in print format for members.

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