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CFA Institute Programs

CFA Institute represents the industry gold-standard for effective and ethical investment management practices. Our educational programs are recognized and respected around the world as the ultimate commitment to clients’ best interests and a firm’s success. Challenge yourself, advance your career, and embark on your journey.

CFA Programs

Programs Designed to Unlock Your Potential

From foundational knowledge to investment mastery, our industry acclaimed programs are developed to help professionals excel at all stages of their career. Explore three distinct educational programs to discover which one best aligns to your goals.

CFA Program CIPM Program Certificate in ESG Investing
What is it for? The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) credential sets the standard as the most highly respected designation in the investment management profession. The Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement (CIPM®) designation offers career distinction for all investment professionals charged with appraising and selecting portfolio managers, evaluating portfolio performance, and communicating with clients.

The CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing offers you both practical application and technical knowledge in the fast-growing field of ESG investing — an opportunity to both accelerate progress and demonstrate purpose.

Who is it for? Portfolio and wealth managers, investment and research analysts, professionals involved in the investment decision-making process, and finance students who want to work in the investment management profession Portfolio managers, investment consultants, financial advisers, sales and client service professionals, and other investment professionals involved in selecting portfolio managers, evaluating portfolio performance, or communicating with clients

Analysts, portfolio managers, C-suite executives, or anyone with a foundation in investment management interested in mastering ESG investing

How long does it take? A minimum of one year to complete three exams (Level I, II, and III), assuming 4,000 hours work experience requirement is already met A minimum of one year to complete two exams (Level l and ll), assuming 4,000 hours work experience requirement is already met From the date of initial registration, candidates will have six months to sit for their exam
Are there prerequisites? Yes. You must have one of the following:
  • A bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree (or be within 23 months of your graduation month by the time you sit for your Level I exam)
  • Have a combination of 4,000 hours of professional work experience and/or higher education
No No
How do I complete the program?
  • Successfully pass three exams
  • Have 4,000 hours of professional work experience in the investment decision-making process (accrued before, during, or after passing CFA Program exams) in a minimum of 36 months.
  • Join CFA Institute as a regular member
  • Successfully pass two exams
  • Have 4,000 hours of professional work experience in the investment decision-making process (accrued before, during, or after passing the CIPM Program exams)
  • Join CFA Institute as a regular member
  • Participate in the Mandatory Professional Learning (MPL) Program

Successfully complete the exam within six months of registration

What will I earn upon completing the program?

CFA charter

CIPM designation

Certificate in ESG Investing and digital badge

Where can I learn more? View more details about CFA Program View more details about CIPM Program View more details about the Certificate in ESG Investing

Shaping the Future of Finance

Monica Gordillo

CFA charterholders and society members are not only highly skilled financial professionals, they are involved thought leaders that uphold modern ethical investment management practices.

What I like most about my current role is that although it is a technical job, it also requires fostering trusting relationships and practicing good communication skills when interacting with clients and colleagues.

Mónica Gordillo San Juan, CFA, CIPM, Due Diligence, BBVA AM Spain

Advance Your Abilities, Explore New Opportunities

CFA Institute prepares professionals for the industry's top financial positions because our designations signify the highest commitment to trust and ethical investment practices. Strive for excellence and start your journey to become an elite investment professional.

  1. Accelerate Your Career

    Earn recognition for mastery of industry leading investment management practices. Gain access to a hub of career resources.
  2. Expand Your Knowledge

    Learn from programs that equip you for complex investment decisions and real-world scenarios. Access proprietary, high-quality learning materials and study tools.
  3. Grow Your Network

    Connect and discover new opportunities by becoming part of our active global community and professional societies. Attend special events and conferences.

Charterholders Drive the Investment Industry

In today's modern changing markets, credible and reliable investment professionals play a crucial role in maintaining the health of the industry. CFA charterholders are chosen for their ability to drive key investment decisions with more confidence and accuracy.

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