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University Professors

We offer complimentary resources to university professors as part of our mission to promote the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence.



    Integrate the Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK) into degree programs through the UAP.

  2. Scholarships



    Awarded annually across 75 countries, available exclusively for students at universities participating in the UAP.

  • Gain a clear understanding of how the CFA Program benefits your university and students including:

    • How the CFA Charter helps to advance careers
    • Benefits for students
    • CFA Program curriculum, structure, and content
    • Registering for and taking the CFA Exams
    • Frequently Asked Questions

    Learn how the CFA Program is evolving

  • The University Affiliation Program (UAP) recognizes academic institutions that embed a significant portion of the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK) into their curriculum. Through cooperation with universities around the world, we seek to promote ethics-based investment education in university degree programs aimed at developing investment professionals.
  • Certificates

    CFA Institute offers certificates for individuals interested in developing skills for or expanding their knowledge of the investment industry. Topics include:



CFA Institute offers a variety of scholarships that help make the CFA® charter more attainable and give more people an opportunity to advance their career.
All scholarships include a waived enrollment fee and discounted registration. Scholarships offered include:

Access Scholarship

Student Scholarship

Professor Scholarship

Regulator Scholarship

Learn more about CFA Institute’s Available Scholarships here.

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Additional Resources

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    CFA Program Curriculum

    We encourage universities to incorporate the CBOK into their finance and business degree programs. If you are considering incorporating the CBOK into your curriculum, access sample syllabi and course descriptions here.

    The official CFA Program curriculum, by exam level, is available publicly for purchase directly from Wiley or through retail booksellers. Professors can mix and match both CFA Program readings and chapters from other books to create custom course materials in print or digital formats with Wiley Custom Select.

    *Universities that integrate the CBOK into their programs are not required to notify us, but must adhere to our trademark guidelines (PDF). There is no formal recognition by CFA Institute for such efforts nor do we provide verification of any claims made to that effect.

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    The Professor’s Kit

    The Professor’s Kit is a slide deck presentation that helps university faculty explain the structure, benefits, fees, and registration requirements of the CFA Program. Request your Professor’s Kit by emailing us at [email protected].

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    CFA Program and Certificate Guides

    Learn more about the CFA Program, Investment Foundations Certificate, Climate Finance, Data Science Certificate, and ESG Investing.

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    Ethics Teaching Resources

    We offer a broad range of resources to help investment professionals uphold the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct (Code and Standards). The Ethics Learning Lab is a digital learning community which offers world-class learning programs, a library of resources, and a community focused on building and promoting ethics and professionalism in the finance industry. Please email the Learning Lab with any questions or to learn more.

    We also offer the Ethical Decision-Making (EDM) Toolkit for universities to give their own EDM workshops. The toolkit consists of a 10 minute tutorial video, a PowerPoint Presentation and talking points that can be personalized for your students, and an Ethics Casebook with additional cases to enhance your webinar or event. Email us if you have questions or need assistance.

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    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Code

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are crucial elements in the future of the investment industry and the success of investment firms. Join CFA Institute in providing guidance and practical ways for the investment industry to embrace and realize DEI.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have questions? Browse through our Professor FAQs to learn more.

Opportunities for Your Students

Opportunities for Your University

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    CFA Exam Prep Courses

    Universities interested in offering prep courses for any of the CFA Institute programs may apply to participate in our Approved Prep Provider Program.

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    Educational Waivers

    Your university can provide coursework or entrance exam waivers to students who have successfully completed all or part of the CFA Program and/or CIPM Program. Contact us to learn more about this opportunity.

Supporting Gender Diversity

Our Women in Investment Management initiative is an action-oriented approach supported by research linking gender diversity with business performance. Universities have a unique perspective and opportunity to effect positive change:

Learn more about the Women in Investment Management Initiative

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