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Your current or past participation in CFA Institute educational programs may enable you to waive certain requirements for other financial credentialing products, services, or organizations. Explore exemptions and waivers—offered by regulators and certification programs in 40 countries and regions and available to members and candidates.

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A Smarter Way to Get and Stay Ahead

Our exemptions and waivers in investment management acknowledge the extensive coverage and depth of our program curricula, as well as our leadership in ethics education.

  • government building icon Recognition from Regulators

    CFA Institute clears regulatory hurdles for our members around the world.

  • graduation cap icon Waivers and Exemptions from Universities

    You may be eligible for a waiver of certain university courses or for GRE or GMAT entrance exams required for MBA programs.

  • certificate icon Recognition from Other Certification Programs

    Associations around the world, including the ACCA, recognize our educational programs as credit toward their certifications.

Explore Waiver and Exemption Opportunities

CFA Institute is recognized worldwide as the leading credentialing body for investment managers. Browse the list of waiver opportunities by waiver type, country/region, or CFA Institute educational program.

Members already cover material in CFA® Program exams, making them eligible to bypass the level I CIPM® exam. For information on eligibility to enter and complete the CIPM Program directly at Level II, see the CIPM Level I Exemption.

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