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Disability Accommodations Frequently Asked Questions

CFA Institute makes every possible effort to accommodate candidates. You may reference Prometric’s Permissible Items web page for a list of personal items that you may wish to bring with you, for your comfort, to your exam appointment. Please note for devices with external communication capability such as cellular, wireless, Bluetooth, etc., you will not be able to have your cell phone in the testing lab.

A documented diagnosis alone is not enough to assess your request. In addition to the Disability Accommodations Request Form (log-in required), You must submit the following documentation:

  • Most recent Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation Report with DSM-V code referenced (if applicable)
  • Proof of prior testing accommodations, special educational services, or plans
  • Medical Professional Questionnaire
  • Personal Statement that addresses the impact of your diagnosis and why the accommodations sought are necessary

Your disability status and medical documents are treated as confidential. This is described in greater detail in the CFA Institute Privacy Policy. Various internal and external consultants assist in reviewing accommodation requests and are subject to strict confidentiality requirements.

The Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation Report should present objective evidence measuring the way in which the condition hinders major life activities used in taking the CFA exam, specifically, reading, thinking, and the like. Such information must show that the accommodation sought will address and ameliorate the specific measurable limitation suffered as a result of the condition. Typically, this objective evidence is reflected through an evaluation report with norm-referenced test batteries (e.g., WAIS-IV, WJ-IV, WIAT-III, GORT-V, etc.) and scores.  

All documentation submitted must be in English. In order for your request to be reviewed, a word-for-word English translation must be submitted, along with the original documentation for our validation.

Yes. Returning and deferred candidates must submit a request for testing accommodation each time they register for an exam. Approved requests do not automatically transfer to the next administration. You are responsible for submitting the online request form each time you register for an exam. If you are requesting the same accommodations that we have provided in the past, please complete and submit the Disability Accommodations Request Form by the published deadline. No additional documentation is required. We will confirm when your current exam registration has been updated to include your accommodations previously granted on a CFA Institute Exam.

If you plan to alter your previously granted request in any way, then your request must be reviewed again in its entirety. You must upload the Disability Accommodations Request Form, the Medical Professional Questionnaire, a Comprehensive Evaluation Diagnostic Report, Personal Statement, and Supporting Documentation. You must provide additional documentation that has not been previously reviewed and that supports any changes or additional requests.

Yes. Please see the CFA Program, CIPM, or Certificate in ESG Investing Disability Accommodations webpages for published deadlines. We encourage candidates to submit accommodation requests well in advance of the deadline if possible. Every effort will be made to respond to your request within approximately (4) four weeks of its
receipt. However, the process may take longer, especially if all documents are not submitted with the accommodations request form or if additional documentation is needed pending review.

No. Your appointment will need to include any approved accommodations; therefore, we ask that you do not schedule an exam appointment until we have completed our evaluation of your request.

Once we have made a determination about your request, we will provide you with information on how to schedule your exam appointment.

Examples of testing accommodations offered include:

  • Extended time
  • Flexible, off-the-clock breaks
  • Private rooms
  • Reader to read questions and instructions on screen
  • Screen reading technology
  • Scribes to type or select answers
  • Wheelchair-accessible testing stations
  • ZoomText font magnification

In order to ensure that candidates with wheelchairs are scheduled in ADA-compliant testing labs and at wheelchair compliant workstations, we strongly encourage candidates who require wheelchair assistance to submit a Disability Accommodations Request form. Additional documentation is not required.

Contact Exam Administration for questions or additional information regarding the disability accommodations process. All inquiries must be submitted by email. CFA Institute cannot give any applicant an unfair advantage in the disability accommodations process by accepting an offer to confer with the applicant directly as well as his or her medical health professional over the phone.

No. CFA Institute does not reimburse for the costs associated with obtaining any required medical documentation.

You will be notified in writing if additional documentation is required. It is your responsibility to provide all necessary documentation by the stated deadlines when completing and submitting an Accommodation Request Form.

If you are disabled, you are entitled to reasonable and appropriate accommodations that enable equitable access to a CFA Institute Exam. Your requested accommodations will be considered, but you might not receive your preferred accommodations.

You may not be able to self-schedule your exam appointment online due to your approved accommodations. Please contact the Prometric Testing Accommodations team directly to assist in scheduling your exam appointment.

If you have contacted the Prometric Testing Accommodations team and were told there was no availability, please email [email protected] and we may be able to assist.

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