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CFA® Program Identification Document Exceptions

An international travel passport is the only form of identification accepted for the CFA Program.

Make sure your passport is valid

Examples of Unacceptable Forms of Identification

  • Passport cards
  • National identification cards (e.g. Hong Kong Identity Card, Chinese National Identification Card, European Union identification card, MyKad, etc.)
  • Limited travel documents (e.g. Mainland Travel Permit, Exit-Entry Permit, etc.)
  • Internal passports
  • Passports that are clipped, hole-punched, or marked cancelled
  • Driver's license or driver's permit

Expired International Travel Passport

  • If your international travel passport expires before the date of your exam, you may still use it to register, but you must renew it before the exam and update your account with the new information. If the information in your account does not match the information on your passport exactly or if your passport is expired, you will not be permitted to take the exam and will forfeit your registration fee.
  • The laws and requirements of each country are different. Please contact your country’s passport-issuing agency for detailed instructions. The application process may take several months, so make sure to give yourself enough time to obtain your passport.

Update your account with your new passport information

If You Are Unable to Obtain or Present a Passport on Exam Day

You may request to use an alternate form of identification. We will consider your request if your alternate form of identification is:

  • a government-issued, passport-equivalent document that allows for unrestricted international travel (with the exception of your country of origin, if you are a refugee);
  • contains all data fields in English;
  • an original document (no photocopies);
  • current (not expired); and
  • contains a recognizable photograph.

How to request to use an alternate form of identification

For more information on how to request the use of a Alternate ID please visit this article, here

We consider each request separately. Submitting a request does not guarantee an exception will be made. We cannot suggest specific travel documents for which you might be eligible; we encourage you to seek assistance from your local passport-issuing agency, consulate, or other government resources to determine which alternate international travel documents may be available to you.

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