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Test Center Information

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General Test Center Information

CFA® Program exams are offered in over 170 cities in June and over 70 cities in December, at testing facilities around the world.

  1. When you register for an exam, you request an exam location, typically a major city (e.g., Melbourne, Australia) or a major metropolitan area (e.g., Beijing, China).

  2. CFA Institute secures qualified test center venues to accommodate the number of candidates in each location.

  3. We assign candidates to specific test centers based on your location request and availability; we do not reference your home address when assigning you to a test center. If you change your home address, your test center request or assignment is not automatically updated; you must submit a test center change request.

  4. We indicate your test center assignment on your exam admission ticket (available approximately four weeks prior to the exam date). Special instructions regarding parking, lunch options, and other details may be available for your test center; check the CFA Exam Test Center Special Instructions page when tickets becomes available.

Learn more about exam admission tickets

Personal Belongings at the Test Center

To ensure a consistent and secure exam experience for all candidates, we allow very few items to be brought into the exam room. Items which cannot be brought into the testing room must be left in the test center's Personal Belongings Area during the exam or left at home.

Common Questions About Personal Belongings

Can medicine be brought into the testing room and used during the exam?

Yes. You may keep medicines, tissues, and other necessary medical or personal items in your pockets or on the floor beneath your chair during the exam. They may be accessed as needed.

Why can’t I bring my mobile phone into the testing room?

Prohibiting all electronic devices from the testing room ensures a fair and equitable testing experience for all candidates and maintains the integrity of the exam. If it is discovered that you possess a mobile phone or any other electronic device in the testing room, it will be confiscated and you will be reported to CFA Institute for disciplinary action.

For more details, review the Personal Belongings policy.

Test Center Change Requests

Test centers have limited seating and requests are processed based on availability. For the December 2019 exam, all requests changes must be submitted prior to 3 December 2019, 12 Noon ET. Requests for an alternate test center within the same metropolitan area will not be accepted.

To request a different test center location, you will need to login to your account on the CFA Institute website, select the CFA Program tile, and select Change Test Area. On the next screen, select Change My Test Center.

Before the Release of Exam Admission Tickets

  • If your desired test center is not currently listed, it has reached capacity. If a seat becomes available later, the test center will appear in the list. You may continue to check the list periodically to see if a seat has become available.
  • The requested change is automatic, and you will not receive additional confirmation.

After the Release of Exam Admission Tickets

  • If a test center is available to select, your request will be submitted for review as test centers have limited seating and are processed based on availability.
  • You will be notified via email within two (2) U.S. business days regarding the status of your request. 

Level I Candidates: Please note that Exam Day for June 2020 Level I candidates in the Americas and EMEA takes place on 6 June 2020 while Exam Day for Level I Candidates in Asia Pacific takes place on 7 June 2020. The date of your exam may change if you select a test center in a different region.

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