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Online Proctored Testing (OPT)

ProProctor online proctored testing provides an additional testing option for candidates, enabling them to take examinations at home without needing to travel to a test center. Should candidates wish to take their exam in-person in a test center, this option is still available.

To see if you can take your exam from home, please see the detailed system requirements below.

Before You Schedule

  1. Check Equipment and Internet Connection Requirements

    If you cannot meet the requirements listed below, you should not register for an OPT exam appointment; the exam won't run successfully. If you are responsible for a terminated exam either due to a technical issue or failure to follow testing personnel instructions, your exam fees are non-refundable, and non-transferable.

    • Screen Resolution: 1024 X 768
    • Operating System: Windows 8.1 or above / MacOS 10.13 to 12.6.5 and Ventura 13.3.1 and above.  Important: iPad/Android tablets are not supported. MacOS 13.1 - 13.2.1 are not supported; please upgrade to 13.3.1 or higher before testing..
    • Web Browser: Latest Google Chrome
    • WebCam Resolution: 640 X 480p
    • Microphone: Enabled
    • Download Speed:  1.0 mbps
    • Firewalls have been disabled
    • Virtual Machine is not being used


    If you can confirm your device and connectivity meet these requirements, you must then complete a system check on the same network and computer you will use on exam day, in the same location.

    This check will confirm: This check will not confirm:
    • your internet speed
    • webcam performance
    • microphone performance
    • firewalls that prevent the remote proctoring software from launching
    • your internet browser
    • the version of your computer’s operating system

    Many companies have firewalls that do not allow for remote proctoring software; therefore, we recommend you use a personal computer. Taking an exam on a tablet or mobile device or using a dual monitor is not allowed. Wired headphone and microphone are allowed. Bluetooth headsets, mice, and keyboards are not supported. 

    Before launching your exam, you must ensure that your audio input/output are set to the correct devices (for example, if you are using headphones with a microphone) and that your volume is sufficient for you to be able to engage with proctors. MAC users must disable notifications before launching to prevent disturbances while testing.

    If your computer or internet access has any upgrades after you run the system test, and before your exam, it is important that you re-run this test before exam day.

    Link to system readiness check:  https://rpcandidate.prometric.com/ It is critical to review the Prometric User Guide and eHelp web page for additional important information on setting up your exam space prior to your exam appointment.

    Please note that passing the system test does not necessarily mean that you fulfill the minimum technical specification. It is therefore essential to complete both checks and confirm you successfully meet both criteria.

  2. Check Environmental Requirements, Including Room and Desk Setup

    You will be required to agree to all the rules and regulations of the exam when you register for your exam. Please be aware of the following:

    • You must take your exam in a private and quiet room for the full duration of the exam.
    • Only bathroom breaks are permitted during the exam. However, you must notify your proctor before leaving the camera view and have them confirm you are taking a break. Your exam time will continue to run during any breaks. If you do not communicate with your proctor regarding your break, your exam session may be terminated.
    • You will not be allowed to use to scratch paper. The exam software will include a digital notebook in which you can take virtual notes to reference.
    • You will not be allowed to use additional monitors during the exam.
    • You will be filmed throughout the exam and these and other data will be shared with 3rd parties for the sole purposes of running the exam and for other related post-exam activities.
    • You can take your exam at home, or an alternative location such as in your office. Rooms with clear or frosted glass walls are not permitted. Make sure you can meet the important requirements which must be followed regardless of where you sit your exam. If your room does not meet all of these requirements, you will be unable to start or complete your exam. To reduce the risk of experiencing any technical issues during your exam, you should run the system test in the exact same location that you plan to sit your live exam.
    • You may have photographs and pictures on your walls as long as there is no writing, or notes, whiteboards with notes etc. If the check-in agent is unsure of what is on the wall you may be asked to remove it. If it cannot be removed, the check-in agent may capture a photograph of the wall.
  3. Register and Schedule

    Registration and scheduling is a two-step process. You will register for the Certificate in ESG Investing and then schedule your specific exam appointment. Register by accessing your CFA account and selecting the Certificate in ESG Investing tile. Once you have completed registration, you will be directed to schedule your exam appointment.

See the Frequently Asked Questions about OPT >

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