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Certificate in ESG Investing Test Drive Experience

CFA Institute offers two different ways to take your ESG exam: In-Person Site Testing (IST) at a testing center, or Online Proctored Testing (OPT), where you may take the test at home if you meet certain requirements. If you are wondering what the exam experience is like for both testing options, consider taking an exam simulation, known as the test drive experience. This experience is 30 minutes long, includes 10-12 questions from the ESG mock exam, and costs USD 30.

The USD 30 test drive fee is non-refundable and is paid at the time you schedule your test drive appointment. You will not receive exam results for your test drive appointment.

OPT Test Drive Experience

If you are considering OPT for your exam, we highly recommend that you take the test drive experience on the same computer and in the same location as you plan to take your exam. This gives you the chance to ensure you meet the strict system and environmental requirements for a successful test day.

See OPT system and environmental requirements

Schedule your USD 30 OPT test drive experience

IST Test Drive Experience

For the IST test drive experience, you will book an appointment at a date, time, and location that is convenient to you. We recommend you book at the same location you will be testing at for your ESG exam. You will arrive at the test center, go through the same check in and security steps that you would as if it were your actual exam appointment. This gives you a chance to become familiar with the test center layout and workstation equipment.

Watch the What to Expect on Exam Day video

Schedule your USD 30 IST test drive experience

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