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Insights to Impact

CFA Institute launches its flagship Research and Policy Center

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CFA Institute Research and Policy Center

New Thought Leadership from a Trusted Source

The Research and Policy Center offers an unbiased forum for industry leaders, regulators and subject matter experts to address unprecedented and often systemic challenges and opportunities that are facing the investment industry.

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Actionable Insights through Impactful Content

From short articles to long-form research, video summaries to in-depth webinars, you’ll find a range of research, practitioner tools, and industry-advancing codes and standards that elevate the profession and the industry through the Research and Policy Center.

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New Generation of Investors, New Ways of Investing

Explore new investors’ preferences, motivations, and influences and the innovations shaping the investment industry


Central Bank Digital Currencies

This report gauges demand for central bank digital currencies by examining the attitudes of a significant segment of potential CBDC end-users. It is based on a CFA institute global membership survey.


Handbook of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Applications

Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data have their thumbprints all over the modern asset management firm. Like detectives investigating a crime, the practitioner contributors to this book put the latest data science techniques under the microscope. And like any good detective story, much of what is unveiled is at the same time surprising and hiding in plain sight.

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