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Greenwashing vs. Green Hushing: What are the Differences? | ESG Explainer


What is green hushing and how does it differ from greenwashing? What are some common examples of these approaches? Watch this video to learn how they hinder a company’s sustainability efforts.


What is greenwashing vs green hushing?

As societies become more environmentally aware, companies rush to join the bandwagon, tapping into changing customer preferences to increase their reach and boost their bottom line.

However, rushing to join the eco-friendly movement just for the sake of it can often backfire and result in what is called greenwashing.

This happens when companies present their service or product to be more green than it actually is. 

Even some of the biggest companies in the world have been accused of greenwashing, which can generate negative publicity and damage their reputation. 

Companies may use marketing to create a positive image labeled with vague terms and jargon that the everyday consumer may not understand. 

In contrast, there’s green hushing.

This is where companies try to downplay or hide their social or environmental efforts due to fear of criticism or backlash—being perceived as greenwashing or for not meeting their stated goals.

Doing so means playing it safe and not attracting attention.

Unfortunately, this goes against the ESG principle of transparency.

Either approach hinders a meaningful step toward a greener and more sustainable future.

Ultimately, striking the right balance between executing genuine green efforts without going overboard is essential.

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