United States Investment Performance Committee

The United States Investment Performance Committee (USIPC) serves as the official local sponsoring organization (country sponsor) for the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) in the United States. The purpose of the USIPC is to promote the adoption and implementation of the GIPS standards throughout the United States as the common method for calculating and presenting investment performance.

In collaboration with the staff of the Investment Performance Policy Group, we:

  • Provide input from US on global issues and proposals related to the GIPS standards
  • Develop research papers and guidance on performance-related issues 

Country-specific guidance on taxation issues has been removed from the GIPS standards. Learn more about after-tax performance calculation and presentation in the United States.

Publications developed by the USIPC include:

Committee members serve a one-year term, renewable for six consecutive years.

Daryl Bradford CFA, CIPM

Joseph D'Alessandro

Crista DesRochers CIPM

Paul Glenn

Sidney Hardee CFA

Amy Jones CIPM

Evelyn Ramos

Jed Schneider CIPM

David D. Spaulding, CIPM

David D. Spaulding CIPM

Founder and CEO, The Spaulding Group, Inc. and Incoming Member, USIPC

David D. Spaulding, CIPM, is the founder and CEO of The Spaulding Group, Inc. He has more than 40 years of experience in management and technology, including more than 30 years in the financial sector. Dr. Spaulding has conducted training classes for clients, CFA Institute, and CFA Societies. He has authored four books, been co-author or editor of five more, and written numerous articles for various industry publications. Dr. Spaulding has served on a variety of industry committees and working groups. He earned a BA in mathematics from Temple University, an MS in systems management from the University of Southern California, an MBA in finance from the University of Baltimore, and a doctorate in finance and international economics from Pace University.

James O'Leary


Raymond Lee CFA, CIPM

Gwen Fitzgerald

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