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Candidate Success Center

Welcome to this one-stop location where you can find all the information including tips and tools you need to help you study for the exam and prepare for that day.

Candidate Success Center

Study Tips 

Did you know candidates who follow these study habits are more likely to pass their exam?* Since our shift to the CFA Institute Learning Ecosystem (LES) and Computer-Based Testing, we are now able to quantitatively assess candidates’ aggregate study habits and how they correlate with testing outcomes. Adhering to any one of these habits will increase your odds of passing the exam, but working all of them into your study plan will yield the greatest chance of success! Use these data-backed study habits to create a plan early. 

*Based on CFA Institute analysis of Level I candidate study habits in the LES and exam outcomes as of March 2023. Recommendations are applicable for all levels of the CFA Program.

Additional Tips

  • Use these data-backed tips to build your own study plan early. Consistency, not cramming, is key. 
  • Consider taking a mock exam early in your studies to assess your strengths and guide your study plan. Use additional mock exams to gauge your progress over time. Practice Pack is available to Level I candidates for purchase for the February 2024 or later exam.
  • If you need to prioritize, consider switching to the Adaptive Study Plan in the LES. This tool will help you prioritize topics according to your strengths and weaknesses. 
  • On mock exams and practice questions, be sure to allow time to review questions you missed and understand why you missed them.

Key Factors of Exam Success

Learn more about the study habits of successful candidates in this video from Chris Wiese, CFA, Managing Director, Education at CFA Institute.


The CFA Institute Learning Ecosystem 

The CFA Institute Learning Ecosystem is the only way to officially track your practice questions and your proficiency rating in each topic area. The LES gives you access to thousands of official practice questions and 2 official mock exams (released 60 days before each exam window). It is the recommended tool to help you study and execute according to your plan. Optionally, candidates can purchase the Practice Pack to unlock an additional 1,000 practice questions, five mock exams, and one exam day simulation mock exam – all written by the CFA Program exam writers.  Practice Pack is available to Level I candidates for purchase for the February 2024 or later exam.



Available tools  

CFA Institute Learning Ecosystem (LES)
The LES is a digital learning tool included with your registration that gives you access to the entire curriculum, practice questions and mock exams, as well as the optional Practice Pack available to Level I candidates for purchase for the February 2024 or later exam.

CFA Institute Learning Mobile App  
All the features of the CFA Institute Learning Ecosystem, accessible on-the-go!

Practice Pack
This optional add-on will give you early access to five additional mock exams and 1,000 additional practice questions through the LES, including one mock exam through Prometric (CFA Program test center administrator) to help you build your confidence with the exam software. Available to Level I candidates for purchase for the February 2024 or later exam.

Downloadable Curriculum
Download PDF and eBook versions of the CFA Program curriculum. 

Print Curriculum
Purchase the print version of the curriculum.  

CFA Institute Prep-Providers
List of all CFA Institute Prep-Providers.

Study Session Outlines
Familiarize yourself with the Learning Outcome Statements (LOS).

Soon After Registration

Registered Candidate Resources

When you register for the CFA Program, you will gain access to a variety of resources to help you prepare for the exam.

Login (candidates only)

Schedule Your Exam
Registration is a 2-step process. If you haven’t already, select your date and location as soon as possible.

Review the Quick Start Guide
Not sure where to begin? This one-page guide will help you start a successful journey.

Review Candidate Check List
A comprehensive list of steps to ensure you are prepared for exam day.

Check Passport & Profile Name
Passports are the only form of identification accepted at test centers. Check that yours will be valid on your exam date and the name on your passport and CFA Institute profile match exactly.

Request Disability Accommodations
Special testing accommodation must be requested by certain deadlines for each new exam registration.

Before Exam Day

Review All Policies
Be sure you are aware of all policies that could impact your exam day experience, particularly these key policies below.

Check Your CFA Program Tile
Review your exam appointment details.

Before Results Release

Complete Your Practical Skills Module Requirement
You must complete at least one Practical Skills Modules (PSM) – practical, relevant skills training that will provide candidates with on-the-job application of what they are learning in the curriculum. Although PSM content will not be tested on the exam, your exam result will not be released until your PSM has been completed. Practical Skills Modules are required for Level I candidates beginning with the February 2024 exam, Level II candidates beginning with the May 2024 exam, and Level III candidates beginning with the February 2025 exam.

Exam Day

What to Expect at the Test Center - Computer-Based Testing
Review this page to learn more about exam day logistics, timing, etc.

Exam Format

Exam Software Tutorial
Build your confidence using this tutorial and simulation of the software you will use during the exam.

Be familiar with these abbreviations you may encounter during your exam.

Learning Outcome Statement (LOS) command words
Be familiar with these command words you may encounter during your exam.

After Exam

The results process and pass rates
Video: Why Does it Take So Long to Grade the Exam? 中文
Video: Pass Rate Explained 中文
Video: Standard Setting Explained 中文
Video: Standard Setting Explained, Part II (Equating Clarification)  中文
Video: CFA Level III Exam Grading Process 中文
Video: CFA Level III Exam Essay Strategies 中文
Video: CFA Level III Exam Format Changes 中文

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Your Local Society
Check with your local society to find out more about support opportunities available for CFA Program candidates.

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Earning the CFA® Charter is no easy task. Hear inspiring personal stories of charterholders.

CFA Institute Membership
Get a jumpstart with membership! Become a member of CFA Institute and access exclusive benefits that give you an edge while you earn your charter. Note in mainland China, CFA Institute accepts CFA charterholders only. 

Candidate Conversations

Your Career

Career Resources
Explore the Career Center, view local career events, access career resources.

Career Comparison Tool
Evaluate the competencies required to succeed in various roles in this interactive tool informed by CFA Institute research.

Stay Informed

CFA Institute Podcast Library
Check out an array of shows designed for finance professionals craving investment management-related news.

Upcoming Events and Webinars
CFA Institute partners with experts across the investment industry to offer a wide range of insightful and engaging events. Take advantage of these great opportunities to learn, discuss, and network with your peers.

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