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Policies and Procedures

Our policies and procedures protect the integrity of the CIPM® Program, ensuring the exam process is fair for all candidates. It is your responsibility to read and understand all policies set forth by CFA Institute.

You will also want to review the latest Prometric COVID updates.

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Review Policies

Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
When you enroll in the CIPM Program, you commit to our Code and Standards.

Candidate Agreement
As part of the enrollment and registration process, candidates agree to abide by the Candidate Agreement.

Refund and Deferral Policy
Please review the CIPM Refund and Deferral Policy to determine if you may qualify for a refund.

CIPM Admission and Appointment Policy
Review the rules for scheduling your exam with Prometric and the Admission Policy regarding late arrival for the CIPM exam.

Calculator Policy
Learn which calculators are authorized for use during the CIPM exam.

The Complete List of CIPM Program Policies and Procedures

CIPM Calculator Policy
The Calculator Policy states that only two models of business calculator are authorized for use during the CFA and CIPM exams. Read the policy to find out more about which calculators are authorized.

CIPM Admission and Appointment Policy
You are responsible for scheduling your exam appointment with Prometric at least 9 days before your exam window closes.

CIPM Exam Eligibility Policy
Candidates will have a total of six maximum attempts per exam level.

CIPM Exam Record Policy
CIPM Exam Record Policy states that exam scores and responses to exam questions are part of a candidate's exam record. This information is owned by CFA Institute.

CIPM No Cheating Policy
Cheating is not permitted on the CIPM exam.

CIPM No Disclosure Policy
Read the rules regarding the confidentiality of the CIPM exam.

CIPM No Misconduct Policy
Rules about misconduct regarding the CIPM exam.

CIPM No Misuse Policy
Rules regarding the misuse of the CIPM exam.

CIPM Payment Methods
Acceptable payment methods.

CIPM Personal Belongings Policy
The CIPM Personal Belongings Policy lists the items that may be permitted in the testing room and those that may not.

CIPM Program Sample Candidate Privacy Notice
When you enroll in the CIPM Program, you will be prompted to read and acknowledge a candidate privacy notice.

CIPM Program Identification Policy
CFA Institute requires that every CIPM candidate has a valid international travel passport. This policy establishes one global standard we can use to confirm the identity of our candidates. View identification exceptions.

CIPM Refund and Deferral Policy
Read the Refund and Deferral Policy for the CIPM exam.

Trademark Usage Guide for CIPM Certificants
Guide for those who have earned the CIPM certificate to use CIPM Marks, symbols of professionalism and integrity that distinguish CIPM certificants. These include CIPM® and Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement™.

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