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How to Add Your CFA Designation or CFA Program Level to Your Resume

Enrolling in the CFA® Program shows your commitment to a higher standard, and earning the CFA designation signals that you belong to an elite group of professionals. Naturally, you want to call attention to your achievements on your resume.

CFA Institute encourages all charterholders to include their designations and candidates to display their participation in the CFA Program on their resumes in accordance with the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

Guidelines for Your Resume

To display your CFA designation or CFA Program status on your resume, please refer to the following general guidelines.
  • If you are an active charterholder in good standing:

    • Include your designation after your name. (For example: “Jane Doe, CFA”)
    • Include your charterholder status in the certifications or education section of your resume as “CFA® charterholder, CFA Institute.”
    • You may also include the date your charter was issued.
  • If you are a lapsed CFA charterholder:

    • Include your charterholder status in the certifications section of your resume and specify the dates held. (For example: “CFA® charterholder, 19XX20XX.”)
  • If you are currently a candidate in the CFA Program:

    • Include your participation in the CFA Program In the education section of your resume. (For example: “CFA® Program participant, CFA Institute.”)
    • You may also list the levels completed. (For example: “Completed Level I in 2020.”)
    • You may use the term “candidate” only if you are actively registered for a particular exam.

Additional Guidance

business woman setting standards

Standard VII(B) of the CFA Institute Code of Ethics & Standards of Professional Conduct

Learn more about proper use of the CFA designation in this comprehensive discussion.

woman research trademark usage

CFA Trademark

Access guidelines for using the CFA trademark.

woman looking over man's shoulder on computer

Sharing on Social Media

Learn how to share your achievements on social media.


Is it permissible to make the CFA® designation font size smaller than the charterholders name?

It is acceptable to use a font size smaller than the charterholder’s name for the CFA designation. Note that the CFA designation should be the same font size and boldness as other designations that may be listed.

Is a comma required between the charterholders name and the designation?

Our preference is that you use a comma to separate an individual’s name and the designation. However, many companies are adopting a “comma-free” style and we have accepted it. If there are multiple designations, we request that you use a comma to separate them or they may appear on separate lines.

May I use CFA Institute’s logo next to my name?

Our policy is that we do not allow individuals to use the CFA Institute pinwheel logo. This logo is available in very limited cases to third parties for goods and services upon execution of a formal license agreement. However, charterholders are permitted the exclusive use of the black oval "Chartered Financial Analyst" certification mark in close proximity to their name. Additional details may be found here.

Is it acceptable to add a comma and CFA after my surname on my LinkedIn profile?

Yes, currently this is the best way to add the designation to your name in your profile.

Is there some approved language I can use to convey to clients what the CFA Charter is and how much value it provides?

While there are no official approved examples, you could say: The CFA Charter is a globally recognized designation that attests to success in a rigorous and comprehensive study program in the investment management and research industry and a commitment to ethical conduct. As CFA Charterholders, we are held to a standard of loyalty, prudence, and care in all our interactions with our clients and must act for the benefit of our clients and place our clients’ interests above our own. We are bound to comply with any legally required fiduciary duty.

Do I need to use the registration symbol after CFA after my name?

When the CFA designation immediately follows a CFA charterholder’s name, the registration symbol (®) is not used.

Due to IT limitations, I cannot put CFA after my name. Can I combine it with my title on the line below my name?

The CFA designation should not be combined with a title. Our preference is that the designation immediately follow the charterholder’s name or be on a line separate from their title.

Is there a preferred order for my designations?

There is no preferred order for the designations - it is completely your choice. Note that the designations must be the same font size or smaller than your name and all of the designations should be the same font size/boldness.

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