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How do you excel in investment management? Mayela Garza, CFA, a Senior Financial Analyst from Mexico, shares her tips on how to get ahead in the industry and also how she leveraged the CFA Program to take her career to the next level. Watch the story of Mayela Garza's career journey.


There is a saying that goes: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” And I would say that earning the CFA® charter has allowed me to pursue job opportunities with greater exposure and greater responsibilities. 

My name is Mayela Garza, CFA I'm working as a senior financial analyst at the largest private university in Mexico, Tecnológico de Monterrey. I'm part of the team responsible for the investment management of Tecnológico de Monterrey’s endowment. Here, I'm responsible for performing a due diligence analysis on different strategies that are part of the portfolio, including potential new investments. 

And it is very interesting that I am involved in the evaluation of strategies in all asset classes, so equity, fixed income, alternative investments and all of these in different regions. The main objective of all these is to present and discuss the ideas and findings with top management to enable decision making. 

I started my career in investment management eight years ago at a financial advisors firm in Monterrey, Mexico. At the time I realized I was strongly passionate for investment management and I wanted to further my career in finance. I decided to start the CFA Program after learning about its potential impact on career growth. 

Back in that time I had completed a masters degree in finance, but I was still looking for something that could provide me with competencies for advanced portfolio management. So the CFA® designation being the most recognized designation in investments was the way to go.  

The CFA® designation has positively impacted my investment management career incorporating the knowledge acquired during the CFA Program into my professional life has been paramount in the performance of my responsibilities. 

For those considering the CFA Program, I would encourage them to do it. Earning the CFA® charter will demonstrate not just that you have the knowledge, but also that you are a committed and disciplined person. 

I enjoyed the learning process and found the CFA Program manageable with discipline and dedication. I could emphasize the value of practical application and real-life relevance in starting the program. 

To succeed in the investment management industry, you need to be eager all the time. You have to develop the desire to learn and adapt to new technologies available and new trends. 

You also need to develop certain personality traits such as determination, structure, persistence, discipline. All this will help you excel in the investment management industry.

I decided to start the CFA Program after learning about its potential impact on career growth.

Mayela Garza, CFA

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