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CFA® Program Mock Exam and Practice Questions

To help you prepare for the exam, we offer different types of practice, including practice questions and a mock exam, with our Learning Ecosystem. As you work your way through the curriculum, we recommend pausing to answer practice questions, assessing your level of confidence and accuracy along the way. Then, in advance of the exam, take a mock exam, which mimics the exam-day experience as closely as possible.

Registered candidates: Access your mock exams and practice questions through the Learning Ecosystem (login required)

Practice Questions

After taking the adaptive placement test to determine the most critical areas for you to focus your studies, use the practice questions within each topic to confirm your understanding based on the study session.

Practice questions are based on lessons in the curriculum to help you evaluate your topic-level strengths and weaknesses. All questions are rooted in the current curriculum, and they are in the same format as the questions on the actual exam level you are registered for. You will receive in-time feedback on your answers, including detailed explanations for the correct answer.

Mock Exams

Mock exams are designed to replicate the timing and structure of the exam. Mock exams, also known as question banks, are posted in the Learning Ecosystem about two months before the date of your exam.

In terms of structure, each mock exam consists of the same topic area weights and level of difficulty as the actual exam. Questions are based on the current curriculum for the exam level you registered for, and they are in the same format as the questions on the actual exam.

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