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Professor Scholarship 

This scholarship is for university and college professors who teach a minimum number of credit hours and have not yet registered for their next exam.

  1. Award Amount

    CFA Program enrollment fee is waived and exam registration is reduced to USD400.
  2. Application Window

    The Professor Scholarship Program accepts applications from 1 September 2023 through 15 July 2024.

  3. Eligibility Requirements

    For full-time college/university professors or administrators/department heads who teach a minimum number of credit hours at qualified institutions and have not yet registered for their next exam.

    Applicants must meet the enrollment criteria and requirements for CFA Program.


Complete the Application

To apply, you must be a full-time college/university professor or administrators/department head who teaches a minimum number of credit hours at a qualified institution.

Login and complete the Professor Scholarship Application

English Language Letter

Obtain an English language letter, on university letterhead signed by an administrator (such as Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, President, Vice President, Principal, Dean, Provost, or Rector) at your institution attesting that you are a full-time professor at the university/college and confirming the number of credit hours taught per quarter or semester. You will submit this with your online application.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Submit a current curriculum vitae (CV) when you submit your online application.

Employment Verification

Include one of the following forms of employment verification with your online application:

  • Copy (front and back) of a university-issued identification card
  • Copy of a teaching license from the issuing government agency
  • A current list of publications, research papers, or other information that confirms university affiliation or faculty relationship

Submit the Online Application and Your Materials

Submit your completed online application, English language letter, curriculum vitae (CV), and employment verification.

You must submit the required documentation with your online application to be reviewed for eligibility. Applications will be reviewed and awarded by CFA Institute. All decisions are final.

Take the Next Step in Your Career

Enroll and register for the CFA exam.

Enroll and Register
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