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Curriculum Errata

Access Curriculum Errata

Access the following updated errata:

2023 CFA Program

How to Submit Curriculum Errata

If you think there is an error in the curriculum, please let us know. We investigate all submissions and include validated problems and corrections in the updated errata posted on the website.

Page numbers in the digital curriculum are not usually present or relevant, and location markers within digital text formats can be inconsistent across devices with different font and screen sizes. Please provide as much contextual information as you can, along with a screenshot if possible.

To report a suspected curriculum error:

  • Review the current errata notices at the links above to ensure that the error has not already been reported and addressed.
  • If the error has not been addressed, visit our Curriculum Errata Submission page at cfa.is/Errata and follow the submission instructions there.
  • You will be asked to copy a section of the text (ideally no smaller than a paragraph) and provide:
    • The curriculum year, level, and topic area
    • The title of the reading/learning module and of the lesson/section
    • A description of the problem in the text
    • Your suggestion of what the correct information would be
  • Your submission will be reviewed by the curriculum team, and you will receive a response as soon as possible.

Report a curriculum error online