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Inside the CFA Program

This video series, Inside the CFA® Program, aims to increase transparency around CFA Program grading and exam processes.

Key figures from CFA Institute will provide candid, accessible answers to common questions we hear from our candidates, from how we set the bar, to what goes into the grading process, to what makes a candidate successful, and more. New videos will be released in the coming months, so keep checking this page for the latest episode.

CFA Level III Exam Grading Process

18 May 2022

Find out who grades Level III essays, what they are looking for in your responses, and how they calibrate their scoring in this behind-the-scenes look at the grading process.




CFA Level III Exam Essay Strategies

18 May 2022

Master the essay section of your CFA Level III exam with these tips.




CFA Level III Exam Format Changes

18 May 2022

Learn more about enhancements to the formatting of exam items at CFA Level III, beginning with the May 2022 exam.




4 Factors for Exam Success

10 March 2022

What do candidates who pass CFA exams have in common? Find out which four data-backed study habits lead to success on exam day.




Standard Setting Explained, Part II

18 January 2022

Watch this video for further clarification on equating—a critical step in ensuring the consistency and fairness of our exams.



Standard Setting Explained系列视频中文版

Results Release Explained

11 January 2022

Find out what happens in the weeks between when you sit for your exam and receive your results.




Standard Setting Explained

15 November 2021

See how we set the difficulty level of the CFA exam to ensure consistency across all levels.



Standard Setting Explained系列视频中文版

Pass Rate Explained

22 September 2021

Deferrals and cancellations have upended CFA Program candidates' study plans again and again. Understand the reason for recent results and how to prepare for future exams.




Coming Up Next on Inside the CFA Program

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Inside the CFA Program series in June!

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